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SDI Interface

About SDI Interface

Important notice: We're in process changing our diagnostic software to use interfaces specific to each manufacturer. This means that each application (FCOM, ToCOM, FiCOM and others) will have it's own interface. SDI is no longer manufactured.

Product listing

SDI Protocol and Vehicle Bus listing

The SDI Interface supports all major standards for vehicle diagnostics. These physical layers are supported:

  • ISO9141
    • K-Line (28x)
    • L-Line
    • High-Speed
    • Low-Speed (Fault-Tolerant)
    • Single-Wire
  • J1850 bus
    • VPW (GM vehicles)
    • PWM (Ford vehicles)

Diagnostic protocol listing

  • KW71/KW1281
  • KWP2000, PSA2000
  • Renault ISO
  • Peugeot ISO
  • VW TP2.0
  • ISO 15765
  • OBD2 (ISO9141, ISO14230, ISO15765, VPW, PWM)
  • Ford ISO protocol
  • Ford PWM protocol
  • Opel KW82
  • BMW DS-1, BMW DS-2
  • KWP2000 STAR

Production Technology

The SMD production technology of the interface is entirely automated. We offer the highest quality and the lowest prices on the automotive market. During the assembly the interfaces undergo the 100 % electonic control of quality. Our unique test systems ensures, that all vehicle BUSes and protocols provided by the SDI interface are fully tested before being shipped to a customer.

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