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Fiat examiner smart

The official diagnostic tool for FIAT group (Fiat, Alfa, Lancia) Commercialized from 2002 to september 2006, it is not anymore sale, it was replaced from EXAMINER Smart HD.

The EXAMINER Smart is studied in order to facilitate the job of the mechanic and to increase its effectiveness:

Easy to use:

  • It is connected to the car with an only cable, adapters MPX97 and MPX97A are not more necessary
  • It selects automatic of the line K or CAN
  • And supplied with its two adapters VCI CAN for new vehicles and VCI 3 poles for i less recent models
  • With the tactile screen and its pen all can be executed the diagnosis operations

Technical specification

  • Processore Celeron 400Mhz
  • SDRAM 128Mb
  • Disc 10Gb
  • Windows 98
  • Light (3kg), ergonomic
  • Autonomy: 1h
  • Connector USB 1.1.
  • Ethernet connector
  • Connector PCMIA
  • Additional connector RS232
Important notice:
Please note that this page is about original diagnostic tool provided by vehicle manufacturer. The tool can be usually bought only by authorised dealer. We do NOT sell this equipment. The page is intended only for educational purposes.

We provide our own third-party scantools for automotive diagnostics, both for after-market repair and as an alternative for original delaer tools. Please use navigation bars at the top of this page or left navigation menu to select appropriate diagnostic software.

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